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Technology Services Group

With the continued evolution of technology and growing demands of clients and customers, Sonwil Distribution created a technology focused department. The Sonwil Technology Services Group provides services for all of Sonwil’s companies, including Sonwil Distribution, Transportation and Consolidation Services, International Airport Center, and Innovative Transportation Services.

Sonwil Technology Services Group (TSG) also provides consulting services to other
logistics based companies.

TSG provides a full range of technology related services including:

  • Workstation and server management
  • Infrastructure engineering and maintenance
  • Innovative software design and development services
  • Facility and systems security
  • Database management
  • Electronic data interchange
  • Web hosting
  • Integrated voice and data networks
  • 24 x 7 support services
  • Custom reporting and integration services

TSG focuses it’s efforts in four main areas:


Providing a solid secure infrastructure is essential for a technology effort. Sonwil’s infrastructure includes local and wide area networks, as well as voice, data and wireless support.

Providing the framework for technology and insuring continued availability.


The ability to take multiple “off-the-shelf” applications and integrate them together into a fully-functional enterprise solution is one of TSG’s most noted strengthens. From mobile computing to SQL servers, from warehouse management to labor management, the Technology Services Group has integrated technology and applications to provide the most robust services available.

Enabling individual systems to interact as a single solution including client, consignee, vendor and supplier systems.


When software isn’t already available, our team of innovation engineers creates a solution that provides speed and accuracy to the operation, and provides cost-benefit for our clients. From our event management system, integrated billing, STEPS refurbishment system, or our new kIoSk Information System, combining creative ideas with solid development creates technology innovation success.

Cutting edge ideas and technologies, providing improved quality and accuracy while reducing costs with faster delivery.


The requirements of retailers, customers and clients are changing everyday. Security and recall specifications are being updated regularly. All of this while technology changes even faster. The ability to evolve from one solution to the next and to do it quickly and cost-effectively is critical.

Meeting the challenges of tomorrow while still providing age tested standard functionality.

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