Transportation Services that Optimize Your Business Growth.

Transportation Solutions

Transportation Solutions

Do your customers’ needs keep changing, making them difficult for traffic management ops to support? Sonwil Logistics provides value to your customer for you by arranging transportation that delivers wherever, whenever, and however it’s needed.

And if you’d like to find a more cost-effective way to ship your products, our transportation experts can offer advice and answers.

Transportation services that optimize your business growth – that’s the Sonwil Logistics Advantage.

Your customers' needs keep changing, making it tough for your traffic management ops to support them. Worse yet, your traffic management personnel may keep changing too. It’s a high-turnover department that's difficult to stock with the right talent. So expertise and continuity are a problem. Meanwhile, the customers’ demands still must be met. And particularly if you’re a small or mid-sized company, the costs and effort required to support in-house traffic management can take a big bite out of your profit.

With the ever increasing cost of freight, given the ever escalating cost of fuel, running the freight department is not the only issue you face. You may not have the time, talent, or volume to negotiate the best rates and the best service. It’s keeping you from your core business and potentially inhibiting profitable growth. With problems like these it make sense to discuss outsourcing your transportation needs with Sonwil Logistics.

Sonwil Logistics provides value to your customer for you by selecting transportation solutions that deliver wherever, whenever, and however it’s needed including the benefits of using rail and intermodal. An independent operation of Sonwil Distribution, we have a highly experienced team dedicated to solving your transportation management problems. They’re expert at finding the best solution for you and for your customer. And with our volume buying power you’ll get it at the best price. Plus our affiliation with Sonwil 3PL and the International Airport Center can multiply your benefits by providing logistics to power your distribution and commercial space to grow your business. To contact our sales representative for more information on our capabilities, click here.

  • Expediting shipments for US, Canada, Mexico, and International destinations
  • Shipping parcel, LTL, truckload, intermodal, ocean, and air transport
  • Carrier search, selection, and negotiation services
  • Freight consolidation service
  • Verification of carrier insurance
  • Provide access to higher insurance coverage
  • Checking and verification of carrier safety rating
  • Bonded to insure carrier payment
  • Claims processing for lost or damaged goods
  • Affiliation with Sonwil 3PL for complimentary services such as
    rail siding access and cross-docking.

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Did you know?

Sonwil Distribution is located near Buffalo Niagara’s Great Lakes waterfront, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. This makes our region a shipping and logistics hub that provides a market that no other city in the U.S. or Canada can match.

• Buffalo Niagara is within one day’s travel reach of 55 percent of U.S. population, which includes nine million consumers in New York City

• Buffalo Niagara is within one day’s travel reach of 65 percent of the Canadian population, which includes four million consumers in Toronto and 70 percent of the Canadian manufacturing firms.

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