Transportation Services that Optimize Your Business Growth.

The Sonwil Logistics Advantage

The Sonwil Logistics Advantage

Right-size your shipping costs for recession and recovery

Sonwil Logistics gives you a tremendous selection of transportation alternatives and high-quality outsourced services to improve performance, enhance efficiency and cut costs – in any economic conditions. For 25 years, we’ve transformed our customers' transportation management operations for optimum results during good times and bad.

That's the Sonwil Logistics Advantage.

Select the transportation services that work for you. And your customers.

Question: We ship everything from single parcels to truck and rail car loads across the U.S. and into Ontario. How can we improve efficiency and lower shipping costs?

Answer: Learn more about Sonwil Logistics parcel shipping solutions.

Question: We want to take advantage of all the cost savings, efficiency and "green" benefits of rail shipping, but cross docking is a challenge. Can you facilitate rail to truck shipments?

Answer: Learn more about Sonwil Logistics transportation solutions.

Question: To cope with the recession, we're reaching out to more markets, including overseas. How can you help us with intermodal shipping?

Answer: Learn more about Sonwil Logistics transportation solutions.

Question: Our products incur shipping damage way too often. Can you help us package and palletize to minimize our losses?

Answer: Learn more about Sonwil Logistics claims processing solutions.

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News Releases

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(Oct 14, 2016)

Sonwil Distribution Center Enhances Transportation Fleet with CNG Trucks
Move reinforces commitment to alternative fuels, clean vehicle technology, and sustainability. Read More…

North America Truck Terminal
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Did you know?

Sonwil Distribution is located near Buffalo Niagara’s Great Lakes waterfront, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. This makes our region a shipping and logistics hub that provides a market that no other city in the U.S. or Canada can match.

• Buffalo Niagara is within one day’s travel reach of 55 percent of U.S. population, which includes nine million consumers in New York City

• Buffalo Niagara is within one day’s travel reach of 65 percent of the Canadian population, which includes four million consumers in Toronto and 70 percent of the Canadian manufacturing firms.

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