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Your Profile – It's All About Your Needs

Are you looking for a space that’s tailored precisely to fit what you and your employees do at work? Need to control your operating costs with flexible leasing terms that support your growth and changing needs? Perhaps we can help.

Completing the profile below will help us understand your requirements, and will provide guidance for our consultants when they contact you. Together we’ll create the perfect place to grow your business.

A responsive partner working with you - that’s the IAC Advantage.

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Please take a moment to consider the questions below. We look forward to discussing this information with you to ensure that your new space is exactly what you want it to be.

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About your space requirements

  • Number of total square feet?
  • Amount of private office space or office cubicles?
  • Amount of production or warehouse space?

About your business

  • What’s prompting you to look at a new location?
  • When would you like to move?
  • What special needs do you have to conduct business?
  • Where are you located now?
  • How big is your current space?
  • What are your most significant operating expenses?
  • Is your business local, national or international—or all three?
  • Is your market growing?
  • What do you hope your business will look like in five years?

About your customers

  • Who are your customers?
  • Why do your customers do business with you?
  • Do they visit your workplace? If so, how often and for what reasons?
  • What’s vital to ensuring that they feel valued?

About your employees

  • How many employees do you have, and what do they do (e.g., sales, production, administration, etc.)?
  • Do you provide a place for them to eat lunch or to relax during work breaks?
  • What’s the ratio of men to women?
  • What’s the age range?
  • Do your employees need child care or pet care nearby? About your workplace
  • What would your ideal workspace look and feel like?
  • What’s three key improvements would you make in your new space? Of those, which one is most important?
  • What one word would describe your ultimate workplace?

Please contact Patricia Collins or Eric Tudor, Coldwell Banker Commercial (716) 839-6100

Items to Note:

Room to Grow

If your business needs some breathing room or you know of another business looking for space, we may have the perfect location.

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