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Foreign Trade Zone

Certified Foreign Trade Zone

Sonwil Distribution is located in Buffalo near the waterfronts of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. This makes the region a shipping and logistics hub that provides a market that no other city in the U.S. can match. The region is home to eight international ports of entry; 4 auto, 3 rail and 1 water and is within one day’s travel reach of 55 percent of U.S. population and 65 percent of the Canadian population.

Sonwil’s certified Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) properties offer warehousing and distribution capabilities that provide unique cost saving advantages to foreign trade. The most prevalent of these benefits is that companies can freely import goods and hold them indefinitely without paying any customs duties until products are released to the American market. At that time duties are charged on the finished product and not the imported raw materials. If goods are re-exported, no duties are ever incurred.

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