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3rd Party Logistics Solutions

3rd Party Logistics Solutions

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Storage, handling and distribution. Value added services from pick, pack and ship to repackaging, re-casing and re-palletizing. Reverse logistics including returns processing, refurbishing and remanufacturing. Advanced technology with scalable solutions for superior inventory management. With over 75 years of logistics experience, we offer comprehensive solutions for all your logistics needs. That's the Sonwil 3PL Advantage.

Outsourcing logistics helps control costs.

Question: With business down, how can we consolidate processes, ship to fewer sites, and reduce overall handing and distribution costs?

Answer: Learn more about storage, handling and distribution solutions

Question: We had to delay our purchase of warehouse management software. How can we get the improved capabilities and information management we need to reduce costs?

Answer: Learn more about 3PL's technology solutions.

Question: Customer requirements don't go away in a down economy. How can we meet the need for specialized order fulfillment capabilities, including repacking, special labeling and custom documentation?

Answer: Learn more about 3PL's value added solutions.

Question: We've always handled returns processing in-house. Can we save money by outsourcing returns?

Answer: Learn more about 3PL's reverse logistics solutions.

Did you know?

Sonwil Distribution is located near Buffalo Niagara’s Great Lakes waterfront, Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. This makes our region a shipping and logistics hub that provides a market that no other city in the U.S. or Canada can match.

• The region is home to eight international ports of entry; 4 auto, 3 rail and 1 water.

• Facilitating $81 billion in annual trade between Canada and the U.S.; that’s 30 percent of the total trade conducted between the world's two largest trading partners. Also the volume is growing by 20 percent annually.

• Buffalo Niagara is within one day’s travel reach of 55 percent of U.S. population, which includes nine million consumers in New York City

• Buffalo Niagara is within one day’s travel reach of 65 percent of the Canadian population, which includes four million consumers in Toronto and 70 percent of the Canadian manufacturing firms.

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Did You Know?

Sonwil has over 70 years of third party logistics experience.

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